We're Andrew & April Eberhart. We're a husband and wife team who eat, drink, and sleep coffee. [Yeah, yeah, you can't sleep coffee, but you get the idea!] You love excellent coffee, and we love making it! We're here to add a dose of epic to your life, because mornings are meant to start out right. Each batch of coffee is hand-roasted and infused with awesomeness here in Central Kentucky. We hope you love drinking Monos as much as we love crafting it. Coffee is our passion, period. We're here for you and all your coffee needs!

Visit our new coffee shop if you're in the Nicholasville, Kentucky area or order online or join our coffee club to get fresh coffee delivered to your door.


Feel free to send us a message if you have any questions or would like to collaborate. We love talking all things coffee, all the time.



What Makes Monos Different? 


We use an electric roasting process instead of gas, this creates a clean, sulfate-free coffee and a consistent bean, giving you the same coffee you love no matter which batch you purchase from.


All our coffee beans are sustainably sourced, high quality, and are direct trade. Our coffee provider works directly with coffee farmers, teaching them sustainable business practices, and coaching them in creating a high quality product.


The goal of Monos is to provide the highest quality coffee to you that we can, while keeping sustainable practices at the forefront of our business.