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Aged Sumatra

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Aged Sumatra is our dark roast single origin. Earthy, spicy and so perfect for fall, our Sumatra brings a deep and rich burst of flavor with it's full body and mild acidity.

Like certain wines and whiskeys are considered to improve with careful aging, a few coffee regions like Sumatra benefit from the muted tones and nuances of the aging method.  

The idea is to bring out the same characteristics that were observed when sailing ships brought coffee from this island region to Europe, having to sail many months across the Indian Ocean, down the coast of Africa, around the Cape of Good Hope, and all the way up the continent to reach the European marketplace.

We taste cinnamon, dark chocolate and spice. 



• Whole Bean Coffee

• 12oz (340g) 

• Micro-Roasted in Central Kentucky



Region Aceh Highlands

Altitude 1400-1600




Wet Hull - Sunlight / Patio Drying