Serve Ridiculously Good Coffee to Your People - Monos Coffee.

Are you ready to stock our artisan coffee in your coffee shop, restaurant, church or business? We'd love to be part of bringing good, local coffee to the place where you drink it the most! Send us a message for wholesale details or to place an order.

Wholesale Inquiry

About our Coffee

All our coffee beans are sustainably sourced, high quality, and are direct trade. Our coffee provider works directly with coffee farmers, teaching them sustainable business practices, and helping them in growing a high quality product. 

Here at Monos Coffee Crafters we use an Ambex commercial roaster with blue flame efficiency. This creates a high end craft coffee of the most professional standard, giving you the same coffee you love no matter which batch you purchase from. The goal of Monos is to provide the highest quality coffee that we can, while keeping sustainable practices at the forefront of our business. We hope you love Monos as much as we do!

Service & Support

Collaboration requires communication - quick, competent communication. Maybe you need to expedite order shipping, want a recommendation for equipment repairs, or perhaps you need more information on the contents of a blend. When these questions arise, there’s always a human being on the other end of that email you send. We set aside time to focus on your needs, no matter how small or large.

Train & Equip

We know first hand how much goes into a great cup of coffee, and you enough on your plate already. Let us help you train your staff and find the right equipment for the pace of your coffee service. Whether you’re a restaurant adding a coffee program, a boutique hotel expanding your coffee offerings, or a start-up cafe looking for a roasting partner. No matter your business model, we can make Methodical work for you. If you’ve got the vision, we’ve got the means.



Do I need to sign a contract?

We don’t require a contract, however depending on the arrangement, support beyond roasted coffee may require a contract.

When will my order roast and ship?

We roast coffee fresh weekly. All wholesale orders placed by Sunday at 5pm will be roasted and shipped that week. All wholesale orders placed after 5pm on Sunday will be roasted and shipped the following week. 

Is your coffee fair trade or organic? 

We do not offer certified FTO (fair trade organic) as our facility is not registered as such. We work on a direct trade model where our supply works directly with the coffee farmers to provide coffee through sustainable and ethical practices. Most of the coffee we use IS actually organic, as most coffee farmers use organic practices and typically cannot afford the pesticides or the organic label. If you have any questions about a specific coffee, you can check out the details on the shop page or ask us. We love to chat coffee with you anytime.

What's the order minimum?

We have a 5lb minimum order for wholesale. Other than that you just need to be a business/non-profit looking for a regular coffee supplier! 

What's the best way to place my order?

Email us at hello@monoscoffeecrafters.com or fill out the contact form on this website.

What's your coffee wholesale pricing like? 

We have a wide variety and rotation of coffee at different price points. Please reach out about our current wholesale offerings and price sheet. 

I haven't received my order on time - can you help?

Email hello@monoscoffeecrafters.com or call (859) 705-9977 and Andrew will get you taken care of ASAP.