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Guatemala San Vicente Pacaya

Guatemala San Vicente Pacaya

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San Vicente Pacaya has multiple micro climates which are perfect for coffee production. Weather is hot during the day but it cools down during the night providing an excellent opportunity for the coffee beans to develop complex chocolate notes.

Producers in San Vicente take careful steps in picking ripe and uniform cherries. Regional mills have strict wet milling practices. This coffee comes from Jorge Perea, a third generation coffee producer. In one of his farms the rumbling noise of bee nests sound in the distance. In between the coffee crops apricot trees make a delicious treat.

A crisp and clean medium/dark roast.

We taste chocolate covered peanuts, granola & floral notes. 


• Whole Bean Coffee

• 12oz (340g) 

• Micro-Roasted in Central Kentucky


Region San Vicente Pacaya

Altitude 1600-1800


Perea Family and Ramirez Family farms



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