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Peru Decaf - Swiss Water Process

Peru Decaf - Swiss Water Process

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We think our Peru decaf is one of the best full-of-flavor decafs we've ever tasted. We know sometimes decaf is necessary, and we didn't want to skip on taste!

Coffee producers in Peru are serious about picking only the ripest cherries, so it can take up to five pickings to fully harvest. After each picking, the cherry is pulped immediately and the parchment is fermented for approximately 12 hours and then washed and dried. While it is drying on patios it is turned several times, which helps to achieve the region's particularly beautiful shade of green. The coffee was decaffeinated by Swiss Water using clean, pure water.

We taste chocolate, stone fruit and lemon.


• Whole Bean Coffee

• 12oz (340g) 

• Micro-Roasted in Central Kentucky


Region Santo Domingo

Altitude 1550-1900


Various smallholders


Swiss Water Process

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